Making the right choices about your career, or who is on your team, makes for a better life. Recruitment is not just a transaction: it involves important and life-changing decisions. And helping people in a job search or a hiring process – towards a better life – is important, meaningful and rewarding.

+ McClintock

Simon is often asked, “So, who is this McClintock?” He tells the story:

“I was at a quiz night some time ago, and this question was asked: ‘What is the highest mountain in Australian territory?’

Well, of course everyone in the room answered ‘Kosciusko’. We all know that one, right? Wrong! It turns out that in the Australian Antarctic Territory (territory being the key word), a certain Mount McClintock towers to 3492m, versus Kosciusko’s 2228m.

So I learned something new. And that little trivia fact has stayed with me as a strong reminder that answers and solutions are not always the obvious ones, or in the obvious places. And in recruitment and search, the right job or the right person isn’t necessarily the obvious person, or found in the obvious place.

Incorporating McClintock into my business name is a constant reminder of that, and also says that value in recruitment is in having the knowledge, reach, relationships and empathy to look further, and find the right outcome, even if it’s not the obvious one.”